how do i see travel animation

whenever print started i see nothing moves


  • Make sure the filament and travel icons are activated (blue in 2.0.1). When disabled you do not see corresponding moves.
  • i see filament and travel just one line and the travel is not moving anymore no matter how it still being printed
  • Does the log say it stopped updating as 3d preview got too slow? That happens to protect print quality if 3d updates take too long for slow computers or very big prints.
  • everytime i start it always no matter how the print is simple
    i have i7 4790k with gtx980 i don't see any performance problem

    is there any config setting to turn it back to default?

  • It resets on every print start. So if filament and travel is enabled in toolbar you should see it at least at the beginning.
  • it doesn't work. i think its only simplify3d can do

  • If you mean preview from Slimplify3d then yes. We show just result and you can select what part to show layer wise, but no animation. That is only while printing where you see the printed model in same state on monitor.
  • not preview animation. i would like to show off current animation of the actual movement of printer
  • That you see also no extruder is painted, every line send should get drawn if you are in manual control tab.
  • no matter drawn or not I never see anyting it works. manual control tab only shows just one diagonal line across bed

  • Maybe it want to draw outside visible area and the line is from homing position to target position.

    But if you see preview in preview tab you should also see it while printing.
  • I see preview everytime I load gcode into it. and I'm planning to show it to audience. currently simplify3d appealing to them. hope next repetier do the job
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