autoleveling adjusting zprobeheight

Ok since i have a hotend as probe, so my z_probe_height is negative. You cannot change it in the eeprom because Zmax cannot be less than zero so what has to be changed is zmax, which worked. is there a way to do that on the lcd display? For instance, what is Z=0 on the display? and can the setting be saved to eeprom?


  • z probe height just needs to be a small negative value. In dev version you can measure it with lcd or just enter it in eeprom. z max has nothing to do with this and is determined by the probing by adjusting the z length.
  • After leveling by issuing g32 s2, and finding that you need to adust zprobeheight on the eeprom, I find that the change in eeprom doesnt take effect. does it require relevelling and If you issue another g32 s2 (or m322 s3) will it write over the previous levelling? or is there a better command to use. What i was saying above is that adjusting the z length worked immediately so it was a working solution without relevelling. 

  • Changing z probe height does not change result until next G32 S2. It just corrects all future z probings to return a new z height. So redo G32 S2.
  • Couldn't one just use the bed coating input to change the hotend height without releveling g32 s2?
  • bed coating is also taken into account for next G32 depedning on mode. If you have a inductive probe that would work as firmware that assumes to trigger on the metal and knows there is bed coating mm material above that.
  • I have a probe connected to the hotend but I use different hotends which is OK but one hot and is variable height and I need to change the distance to adjust for that, and releveling each time is Time consuming. If I could enter a new bed thickness without releveling that would make it a lot easier. I see that you can enter custom but will it take effect without leveling ?
  • Yes, it takes effect but you need to home to make z change from changed value. 
    Z_PROBE_Z_OFFSET_MODE = 0 with z min homing will simply go up that value when z probe triggers.
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