G33 not implemented?

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The repetier firmware version I am using (0.92.9) has been "tweaked" for the Anet A8 with autolevelling. I went throught the whole process yesterday and it works just fine. But at the end, following this document https://www.repetier.com/documentation/repetier-firmware/z-probing/ it says to issue G33 L0 to get a list of bumps and corrections, but I get an error "unknown command".

Checking repetier.ino, in the comments on top I see that G33 is not listed as part of implemented GCode commands.

So, is it possible for me to change that, and if yes, how do I do that?


  • G33 had issues in 0.92 and is only expected to work in 1.0dev. You can enable it in the configuration.h file but as I said 0.92 is has issues especially for cartesian type printers.
  • Thanks for your answer. At least good to know it's not me overlooking something obvious! Is it possible to have an ETA for 1.0 dev?
  • 1.0 dev is avaiable noe.  click the big green 'switch to dev' button on the config tool  start page
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