Missing Commands on Manual Control


i've got a problem with the manual controlls in Repetier-Host 2.0.1.
My setup: Repetier-Host 2.0.1 --> Repetier-Server 0.80.3 on Raspi --> Repetier-Firmware 1.0.0. Dev (from 21.05.2017) --> Delta-Printer.

I can control xyz-axis absolute normally. But if i use e.g. z-1 button very fast somethimes it won't correctly execute/send? the following commands

G1 Z-1 F6000

but only 

G1 Z-1 F6000

and thats a problem because it won't switch to relative coordinates and now it would go to absolute coordinates z-1. 

On Z+10 it is very curiouse, because it sends

G1 Z10 F6000
and it goes up.
But when it misses the G91 G-Code, it goes down to absolute G1 Z10. 

How is it possible that it misses sometimes the G91 command? Problem in Repetier-Host. Problem on Rasperry PI WLAN connection? Problem in Firmware? USB Cable faulty? 
Has anybody else experienced this?


  • The commands get send directly in a row. Will test and see if I get it happen. When I test it is not exactly fast. Maybe server sees it is in relative mode and omits it, forgetting the disable relative is already on it's way. But that is speculation and we will see.
  • Yeah i hope so. :) 
  • Ok, could reproduce it but it is hard and you need to be really quick. What you get is:

    15:05:44.969: N723 G90
    15:05:45.103: N724 G1 Z1 F500
    15:05:45.269: N725 G91
    15:05:45.272: N726 G1 Z1 F500  ; *** THIS IS  THE PROBLEM
    15:05:45.272: N727 G90
    15:05:45.428: N728 G91
    15:05:45.443: N729 G1 Z1 F500
    15:05:45.443: N730 G90

    it is not omitting one but both as you need to hit the time where analyser has just switched to relative mode. So the error in this case comes from the host using stale analyser data since the commands have not been processed completely.

    Will think about a solution.

  • Glad you can reproduce it. On my setup i can reproduce it very easily. 
    I hope you find a solution, as for me the manual controls are almost worthless for me now.
  • same problem with repetierhost (win7;v2.0.1) + repetierserver (linux;latest) + rf1000!
    Manual control very risky (= nearly unusable)
  • In next release 2.0.2 we will use always absolute coordinates. That solves the problem and you get then no more surprises.
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