BabyStep gcode (m290) support

Not sure if it is available...but it would be really helpfull to have a gcode for babystepping. Recent dev branch of Slic3r supports custom-gcode for filaments. That sounds really great because PLA & ABS needs different "leveling" between (heated) bet and nozzle.
Unfortunately Repetier does not support M290... :(

Is there any plan to include it in later versions?



  • So it inserts babysteps just to fix the offset problem instead of starting higher?
    We had so far no gcode for babysteps as you want them executed fast and from a host this makes no sense with 16-20 moves delay until execution. For misuing the z calibration in such a way a command would make sense, also it feels wrong and should better be replaces by a G92 after homing to correct the offset. Hope to remember to check how it works and add it. Should be easy with having babysteps in general already available.
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