After upgrade to V2.0.1 the same gcode no longer works

I have an MPCNC machine running the Marlin firmware v1.1 on an Arduino/Ramps 1.4 board.
Up to now I used Repetier 1.6 and everything was fine.
I just upgrade to Repetier 2.0.1 and now my machine no longer move at all.
I use the same gcode file that used on version 1.6 but with the new version I get errors.
The error looks like this

11:51:32.191 : N32 N10 G90*78
< 11:51:32.191 : N33 N15*36
< 11:51:32.194 : N34 N20 G92 X0 Y0 Z0*2
< 11:51:32.194 : N35 N25 M84 S1800*58
< 11:51:32.196 : N36 N30 G1 Z10 F2000*111
< 11:51:32.197 : N37 N35 M106*120
> 11:51:32.204 : echo:Unknown command: "N10 G90"
> 11:51:32.204 : ok
> 11:51:32.204 : echo:Unknown command: "N15"
> 11:51:32.204 : ok
> 11:51:32.208 : echo:Unknown command: "N20 G92 X0 Y0 Z0"
> 11:51:32.208 : ok

To me these are pretty generic command I wonder why he doesn't understand it.
I attach the repetier log file and an extract of the gcode I use.

Is there settings that need to be change in version 2.0.1?



  • Your gcode contains line numbers N which get added by host. Do not use line numbers in gcode by yourself, strictly forbidden.

    The reason it does not work any more is that in previous version we replaced it which i snow not possible since Marlin has commands using symbold more then once so I had to make a send invalid gcode 1:1 switch if that is detected, like here causing double N to appear.
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