How to input Escher 3D angle correction values into Repetier?

Hi, I just got my new Delta Printer and Im trying to use the Escher 3D calculator to calibrate its bed. My question is: which EEPROM parameter corresponds to the "New tower position angle corrections" values from the Escher 3D calculator? 

I saw that in EEPROM i have DELTA_ALPHA_X, DELTA_DIAGONAL_CORRECTION_X and DELTA_RADIUS_CORRECTION_X. Im currently using DELTA_ALPHA_A / B / C for the Escher 3D values (I sum them to the original values) but Im not sure if this is the right way to do it or if I can directly use one of these other parameters.

Also, Im probing the points using a G1 move and then a G30 command, but the returned values are always very high (like 33.06, 33.50, etc). Does this happen because I have a Z-probe height set in the firmware? Im asking because what I've been doing is:

1. I sum the z-probe height to my initial homed height and fill it in the Escher Calculator;
2. Probing the points using the G30 command;
3. Subtracting the z-probe height from the results and filling them in the "Nozzle height error";
4. Clicking calculate to get the new calibration values;
5. Subtract the z-probe height from the suggested "new homed height" and enter it in the eeprom;
5. Fill the remaing values in the eeprom (in this case, using the DELTA_ALPHA_X fields for the "New tower position angle corrections" values;

Is that correct? Thanks!

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