This Site Suggested by Hobby King while Looking to Do 3D Print in Flexible Materials

Hi, I am new here. 
This site was recommended by Hobby King while looking to purchase their Turningy $250 3D printer Fabrikator. 
I have the following questions I am hoping some of you more experienced users members admins can help me answer. 

I am looking to purchase the small Metal box Fabrikator to print small items in flexible material.
I need to do this rather fast for my boss as a show and tell and sampler so he can get an idea and see if 3D printing is the way to go.

I need to know what tools I need to fabricate in this 3D printer. 

1) Is this Turnigy fabrikator for under $250 suitable for printing of flexible material so I can print hands feet, heads, in small scale. 
2) Do I need to purchase a new PC or laptop and what OS at minimum? To design, import perhaps already made object files
slice and run the 3d printer directly. 
3) Can I use Sketchup or other freeware to play around with creation of 3d Files, what do I need to generate the STL or G code?
4) Prefer to use already created 3D parts of human anatomy so that I can scale it to fit specific project. 
5) What slicing software is best for free or least inexpensive that will do a good job.
6) I don't have much time to invest in reading books about 3D printing. I am familiar with SLA printing , but it has been decades
since I used one and I have lost track of new technologies in this area reason I am asking these questions here.

Much appreciated if I can get answers to these questions quickly so I can get the required tools and equipment and my boss can be happy with my findings.


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