Velocity Painting - Cura

Well, I've tried but I just can't get it to work with Repetier/Cura.

Here the settings used with the original program:

Here the same settings in Repetier:


  • Did you hit "guess from projection method"? I not think that the object has only 2mm height since you set center to 1mm for z. 

    Also you see you have sliced the object with different speeds over height - I guess from minimum time per layer calculation it got reduced so it doe snot match your target speed. Only bottom layer and in the mid area it matches your speed.
  • Here the slicer settings

    I also tried "guess from projection method" which changes the Z value to 60 but it doesn't change much.

    As you said it is more a speed problem but I set everything to 50 so I don't know why the speeds are still different.

  • Please try in cooling to set minimum speed to 50 as well as minimum layer time (not settable) can cause a slowdown.
  • LeoLeo
    edited May 2017

    OK, I had Min. Fan Cooling set to 75%. I changed it to 100% and that did the trick.

    Next "problem". I want the image to be placed 1mm higher from the bottom so that velocity will only start after 1mm.

    I also want to do the same with the top. If I change 60 to 59 mm that will work but the bottom is still a problem.

  • The guessed solution is always to maximize usage, in this case image over height to fit exaxtly and position is the center. So if you want to spare top/bottom just reduce height bei 2 x border you like to have so in this case 2mm. Do not change center as this helps only in one direction.
  •  OK, got it. Thanks Mr. Repetier :)
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