Repetier is a damn good app

Topic speaks for itself. So happy donating.


  • Would be sweet to access my a8 eeprom settings within thE app. Not a deal breaker though.
  • What firmware is a8 using?
    If answer is marlin what is the M115 response string for the firmware name. EEPROM for marlin is available if detected, but if vendors remove the marlin firmware message and replace it with own we can not detect it any more and eeprom is disabled. Having a list we can extend this any time if we know what vendors use as string.
  • Just what I thought. No hint of marlin so no way to decide what it is. Will add this for next release.
  • just curious when that would be?
  • We too:-)
    We are expecting slic3r 1.3.0 soon so that would be a reason, or if we find a serious bug, ... Nothing where you can put a date on.
  • edited May 21
    is there a reason you don't accept paypal ? 
  • We accept only paypal. On first download page you even find the paypal donate window. What is the problem you get with paypal that you think we do not accept it?
  • Cause I am blind apparently. My bad . I don't what I saw but it wasn't right. Sorry
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