Less disturbing color scheme

Hi, I wonder if I'm the only one who after switching to Repetier 2.0.1 found new color scheme extremely unpleasant? I'm a designer and spent over 9 hours a day in front of large screen and form me white background (especially on temperature curve) is too bright. Almost all modern 3D software use dark gray background not to fatigue eyes. Please think about your users eyes and consider inverting/changing color scheme or add custom colors feature.


  • Yes!!! It seems to loose sharpness too... and the color palet adjustments ?? I also miss the ability to position the object with numerical values as I sometimes like to move objects around on the bed to a new sticky spot or move big objects close to the edges of the print area. I do like the five script buttons on the Manual Control screen but hiding the various setting on different screens seems a bit confusing. Print Preview tab is great with the Stats. Finding the scripts screen took a while too.
  • I'll second both of the above comments. V2.0.1 is an improvement over v2.0.0, but it is still inferior to V1.6.2. And, I'll also second the comment that it is generally unpleasant to use because of the glaring abundance of bright white pixels. I also noticed that the manual tab, the control up/down arrows on the temp/fan/flow variables seem smaller than in 1.6. When I place the cursor alongside and compare the control box height to the vertical height of the cursor, the box is shorter in V2 by a few pixels. I happened to notice it because I missed the control when I tried to make an adjustment. When I look at the manual panel portion of the screen, the big difference is the absence of a lot of pixels that were dark-toned and reduced the average brightness of that portion of the screen. As I mentioned before, the icons are OK; they are basically the same but different. The thing that is different and unpleasant is the bland, bleached-out and over-bright tone of the whole screen. Only the dark tone of the model on the bed holds it back. There is something to be said for the uniformity of the icons and their clean image, but there needs to be something to restore the balance that V1.6 has. The layer height adjustment in Host is nice, nicer than in plater, but the only 3D model I looked at since installing V2.0 again was totally botched by Slic3r Prusa Edition. I reverted to the old version, and it sliced correctly. I haven't taken a close look to see if there was anything in the config file that might be suspect, but I can't imagine what would cause slic3r to insert straight segments along the curved surface of a cylindrical vase (the model was Klein Bottle from thingiverse.com).
  • You still can enter numerical positions - this never changed. Just select move object in left toolbar and you see coordinates to enter as well.
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