Host moves Server files to Default group

I've had this happen many times where I select a file in a group other than Default and the Host moves that file to Default after showing the rendered image. It doesn't happen to all the files. The ones it happens to are ones that were originally uploaded into the Default folder and then moved to a Group.


  • Host deletes existing files and sends new version to the selected group in upload window. If that is default it would mean move.
  • That's not what is happening, it happens when I choose a file to print from the server tab in Host. Not when I save a new version of the file.
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    Ok, I understand what you mean, but have problems to produce the error. What I have done is:
    - select a file in default
    - Change group to test
    - Select an other model so selector shows default
    - Select group test
    - Select moved model assuming that the "default" visible from old model gets copied to new object.
    Is that what causes the problem for you. If not, what are your steps to produce the error. If so
    - What OS are you using? Linux or windows.
    - How fast do images appear. For me more or less instantly but if server reacts slower this might be a reason to get different timings and hence other results.
  • I don't generally make groups or move files from within host. I usually make all my changes in server since I always have access to the GUI.

    So my process would be the following.
    1) create code in host and save to server
    2) move file to another group in server
    3) choose file to print in host

    That is when it disappears from that groups list and returns to default. Also, usually this isn't done as a normal process for my prints. I usually do batches of code files and then come back later to print when the printer is ready for another print.

    For server, I am using ubuntu 16.04 and for Host I am using Win10.

    3D renderings take around 2-3 seconds due to my internet connection and I'm not using an internal LAN address.
  • Still no luck with host 2.0.1. Will keep an eye on it when I test other printers if I can repeat it then.
  • I installed 2.0.1 and still happening. Here is what I think may be going on. And it appears it may only happen on the first time you choose a file from the server after launching Host.

    From what I see, when you have no file chosen in the Server tab, there is no Group dropdown in the information frame. After selecting a file, then the dropdown shows up in the info frame as Default and the file moves to Default folder. This does not happen from what I am seeing now expect on the first file.

    So my thought here is that the group list for the dropdown is defaulted to Default before the list actually populates. Since it now appears to Host that its Group should be default, it moves the file to the Default folder before it has a chance to determine it is in another Group. The file move doesn't happen after that because the Dropdown list is already in memory.

    Just a theory... but seems plausible. Not sure how you have it coded, but upon server connect, made have the groups list loaded into memory before a file is chosen from the server list.
  • A good theory and at least I can replay it. Also it shows correct group it moved it first so yes, I think the empty combo seems to trigger a changed event before setting it correct. Now I can reproduce it I can fix it.

    Thank you.
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