Megatronics 2.0 and K type Thermocouple

I have a megatronics 2.0 of an "Indimmension3 Glacier Summit" printer. I was forced to re-upload the firmware, and I am having trouble getting the temperature sensors and bed heat to work properly.

I have one thermistor installed and working, however, I also have a thermocouple on a second extruder. The printer returns negative values fluctuating rapidly whenever I try to get a temperature reading.

In addition, I can hear the bed of the printer tripping something in the control box whenever it tries to heat up. I have had no luck setting the temp sensor type to 100.

 Also, I have a Viki lcd, but none of the buttons work (not a big issue, I use a laptop anyways).

If anyone can help with any of these issues, that would be great. Thanks!


  • Make sure to use right input for thermocouple - they can not use connections for thermistors since there are resistors changing voltage and thermocouple deliver direct voltage over a special chip - type 100 means you need the input where the AD595 delivers its converted voltage. Viki or viki 2? Viki 2 has pins for each button and they must match what is configured for your board. Not sure if megatronics is set up as board - know there were some. See ui.h or DisplayList.h if using dev version what pins to use or adjust them to use the one connected.
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