Object placement and raft

With the newest version 2.0.0 Object placement and slicing placements do not match. The worst situation I have faced is when copying 1 item 3 times forming a 2x2 printing setup the slic3r forms 3 in a row so the there are actually 2 pieces at the same place. 
Raft layers are not even (having holes between support material caps) also the making of the first layer is hasty; dropping small items in the middle of prim and then trying to fill randomly the rest...when you have a good adhesion between printing material and board you can do that (not necessary needing the raft at all) but when not, you really need a proper raft. Please make it even fully filled, filling from side to side without jumping back and forth


  • Please make sure to select "Try to preserve object position" or slic3r will reposition on it's own since it is not possible to set position for more then one object. This checkbox converts all objects into one object so it preservers position but this also influences slicing in some situations, hence the selection.
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