Less load on Arduino MCU

I was thinking...

If we decrease the lcd page refresh during printing, the load on Arduino's MCU will be decrease?
I've got an Arduino MEGA + RAMPS + 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD display, and i think that the refresh rate of the lcd is too high, i don't need to see the carriage position every 3-5 sec, or the hot end temperature...

So we could add a routine that will disable the lcd refresh during printing, and enable the lcd when a button is pressed...
It's a bad idea?


  • Thank for the link.

    If i remove the lcd support from firmware, and use my printer from Octoprint...this will help?
  • Refresh rate is not the problem. If you have buffer size of 24 it buffers enough that it does not get into troubles. Exception are deltas where computations are so cpu intensive that I can not advice these displays - only with due based boards and bigger buffers.
  • So a larger buffer will be better?
    I've got a CoreXY and buffer are set to default (16), so i can have a performance improvement setting the buffer size to 24?
  • Yes, it buffers 50% more so lcd update can be 50% longer before causing pauses. You can even try 32 buffer length.
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