repetier firmware for printer r-360

Hi I have an R-360 printer with a marlin firmware. I want to install the firmware repetier on it, but it does not have the kinematics for this printer ( But this kinematics is in the firmware of marlin ( What part of the code needs to be replaced in repetier so that it will work with the new kinematics?


  • You need to add a nonlinear drive system and add the transformation like for delta and a working endstop handling.

    Just for my curiosity - how is the singularity in the center handled? I mean rotation speed near center can be arbitrary high if you print near it.
  • Yes, the speed in the center and the border is not the same. This is a problem that is not solved (

  • Can you advise the programmer who will be able to perform the work on finalizing the repetier firmware for the r-360 printer?
  • I fear not. You might start a post searching for someone. That way you get at least responses from users with 3d printer experience, which might help also this is more a programming and mathematical problem.
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