Delta running through bed

I'm bluiding a custom delta...not to big. Using a Radds and Arduino Due.

radius 90 and height 340. The Auto bed leveling and everything works...but when i go to Z0 or start a print it crashes straight into the bed. Is there a way to manual level it, or better define the Z0 point??



  • This happens if z probe height is set wrong. Then it might stop above z=0 or below depending on error. Change it in eeprom and retry. Do not go to Z=0 directly. Start with 50 and then approach till you see it is ok or touches bed - remaining z in printer display is then the error you need to correct z probe height. 
  • Okay....just to be clear...

    After probing, the Z Probe Height in Eeprom is 27,069 and when i bring the nozzle down carefully it sits at 0.1 mm from the bed at Z 25.77.

    What would be the correct value to fill in for Z Probe Height and how to obtain it?
  • Just substracted the good Z location from the Z max Length I got. And now it works...

    thanks for the help!
  • I think correct z probe length would then be 1.3 mm. What you did with subtracting z length is what correct z probe height would also do if set correct.
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