Real-time G-Code based off sensor output?

Anyone aware of a way to send Repetier G-code in real time in a way that will allow an external program (something I would likely write) to read values off a sensor involved in the printing process and then modify subsequent lines of g-code according to sensor readout? 

I am working on a project that requires I apply consistent mechanical pressure to what my printer is "extruding", and it is desirable to digitally quantify the mechanical pressure I am applying during the "printing" process in order to ensure that all the material that is extruded during the print/ build is processed under the exact same mechanical pressure (within some tolerance of course).  

As far as I know there isn't a way to do this with any of the opensource firmware/ software duo's that are accessible.  For reference I am running my machine off of a fairly current version of Marlin and obviously I am interfacing with Repetier Host.  

Any help or insight or even discussion is greatly appreciated!!!


  • You can not solve this in the host. Firmware cache a lot of moves so if you access responses and modify output it will be to late. For usch a solution you need to make the modification at the source meaning inside firmware. Firmware already has such a technique called advance - also here we do not want to have same pressure but adjust pressure so output is constant. But even this technique is not 100% since it can only adjust within some limits.
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