Connection Issuse after finished print & PC wake-up from sleep.

As I am getting into bigger & longer prints I am starting to now notice a issue with connecting to Repetier after I wake-up my PC from its sleep. this is only after a print has finished. The printer will run and finish the print and if I wake it up while it is still printing my connection is fine. It is only after a print has finished when I come back and wake it up that I have this connection issue.

What happens is that I notice in the Log is has a message like this below.

"Communication Timeout Reset Send Buffer Block"

I also get some error message about a I/O Connection, and then when I try and few things to fix the connection it I get another error message when I try to connect saying something along the lines of,

"The connection failed with the following error: Incorrect function. Make sure your printer is connected, enabled and connection data is set correct. Open printer settings?"

I looked at the Connection Settings go through them and they look fine, tired switching them and it doesn't help. I tried restarting Repetier and it doesn't help. I even try unplugging the USB for the printer and reconnecting it as well as powering it off for a bit and it doesn't help. Only thing that seems to work so far is restarting the PC.

I'll keep looking into this but am wondering...
Has any of you run into this before?
If so did you ever figure out what may be the issue?


  • Well I figured out what my problem was. It was the set of USB ports I was using. I have a bunch of USB 3.0 ports on the case that connect to my mobo and it seems they are having a bit of a issue for the printer. Once I swapped it with one things connected to a USB 2.0 in the back directly connected to the mobo the printer started working better. Not sure if it is a usb 3.0 or 2.0 thing or just the usb ports on the I/O panel but I am leaning toward the I/O panel as one of my error messages said something about I/O Connection so...... :)  I'll test one of my 3.0 ports in the back that is directly on the mobo to find out 3.0 vs 2.0 thing, but for now I know that my 2.0 port in the back works a lot better.

    Anyways... For anyone that may run into a similar issue like this, just check your ports. I hope this helps you. :)
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