Extruder steps/mm calibration

I try to calibrate my Extruder settings for a new printer. To get to the steps/mm, I  extrude 50 mm, measure actual extrusion length on  filament and change the Extr1 steps per mm in Firmware EEprom settings accordingly. That's the theory.
Actually I get different values for extrusion length, when I use the Repetier manual control for 50 mm or when I use direct Gcode sending (G1 E50). It also differs when I send G1 E50 and after that G1 E-50.
Problem is that the operations are not completely repeatable. So I can't say, e.g., manual control gives always 50% of the Gcode values.
Best regards Ludwig


  • Manual control uses relative coordinates while firmware by default uses absolute. So G1 E50 and then G1 E-50 retracts 100mm not 50 as you may think.
  • Also you need to extrude slow for calibration so no interference like slip invalidates measurement.
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