Upgraded to 2.0 & extruder issue

Just upgraded to the 2.0 and noticed that my Extruder was not working while trying to print. So I killed the print then parked it back at home and heated it up to test it and sure enough, it is not extruding. I am at a loss here. It was just working as I just printed something then updated and now it is not. I looked at the printer settings for my extruder and they seem fine. It is not giving me any errors int he Log either like it does when you try to extruder with a cold extruder.
I rolled back to the 1.6.2 and the Extruder works.

I am using a Kossel Mini if that info is needed.

For now I think I will stick with 1.6.2 as it works for me. But I wanted to let you all know that for some reason in 2.0 my Extruder does not work.


  • I just retested it and it worked as expected. So what part does not work? Setting temperature requires the icon to be blue = enabled. Just changinf temperature does not necessarily help just liek in old. We only changed the icons to dark grey/blue instead of crossed/not crossed.
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    Maybe I didn't explain that enough. It is not the heating of the Hotend that is the problem, it is the Extruder Steeper Motor for pushing the filament. It does not run so basically it is not feeding the filament on command. The hotend itself heats up fine, but extruder does not push any filament. It is as if repetier is not sending commands to the extruder or as if it is not there. All my printer settings in Repetier are the same in v2.0 as they are in v1.6.2 and I did not change my marlin firmware. So I am not sure why it will not extrude the filament.
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