X Y Z steppers move correctly with manual controls, not with gcode commands


I'm having a weird problem with the 3 axis movements with firmware .91. If I use the manual controls (GUI buttons that increment in .1-100mm) in any host program, the steppers move accurately. But when I start a print, the xyz


  • Axes move to 0, and then only the extruder stepper moves, the 3 axes stay still even though the host is sending gcode. Also, if I manually enter say G1 X100 F1000, the x axis heads past 0 and crashes into the frame, where again, using the buttons on the GUI to manually get to x100 works as it should.

  • The host axis move relative with speed defined in printer settings.

    Print moves use speed defined in slicer and are normally absolute, but with correct defined printer it make no difference.
    Do the motors make noises when not moving while they should?

    I'm not sure what is causing your problem. Maybe something endstop related. Use M119 to check endstop status. Also do you home before sending absolute commands? Only then coordinates match for absolute coordinates.
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