X Axis Jerks when Y axis Moves - Motor Current/ Jerk Settings?

So interesting happenings here....

To start my printer setup:
-Anet A8
-Titan Aero 1.75mm .4 nozzle
-Ramps 1.4 + Arduino Mega
-DRV8825 upgraded stepper drivers (yes i've set them with a multi-meter to correct voltage)
-Skynet 3D V2.3.2 (i've been on and off Repetier but willing to switch back if it helps this jerk)

I've been tweaking my print quality lately and so far I've upgraded the printer with lighter printed parts as well as belt tension for the x and y axes. After putting on belt tension pieces I printed a 20mm test cube. It came out pretty dang nice. Seeing the one i did before belt tensioning had a ton of wavey ripples. But last night i went to print a remixed carriage for my Aero i made, and something weird was going on:

When the printer travels across the x axis, everything lays down smooth. But when the printer move along the y axis, the x axis jerks like 1 to 2mm back and forth slowly leaving a very noticeable ripple. Not sure what is making the x axis jerk when the y axis is moving. If the printer moves in both x and y to say make a curve, it's smooth. Just when the y is moving by itself the x jerks. I've played a bit with belt tension, know i can mess with jerk settings and accelerations in firmware but wanted to ask the community what they've done to eliminate this problem.

I know an under or over tensioned belt can do this, but my belt isn't super taught nor loose. It's the same tension as my y axis belt. I'm wondering if i need to tweak the stepper to apply a bit more current since the belt is tighter now? Or lower my accelerations and jerk settings first? Any tips are welcome!

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