me again, i noticed Z_UP_AFTER_HOME is ignored when LAZY_DUAL_X_AXIS is active, looked at the code and found this:

    moveToReal(startX, startY, startZ, IGNORE_COORDINATE, homingFeedrate[X_AXIS]);
    moveToReal(startX, startY, startZ, IGNORE_COORDINATE, homingFeedrate[X_AXIS]);
    if(!sledParked && xaxis) { // park sled

this basically explicitly disables it for lazy dual save for those 2 particular homing orders. any particular reason? because this would be another super easy fix...


  • SInce homex when sled is not parked gets repeated I see no reason to omit this on lazy except that it is useless. I mean reason to go up is that if you heat to close to a bed liek buildtak it gets bumps, but with extruders off the bed this is not needed. But anyhow, if user wants to do it and especially if z moves do not make x move out there is no reason not to allow this.
  • well, i need this to be on the safe side, cause i have clips on the bed holding the glass plate, which means that the extuders are not really that free to move around @ Z0.0

    anyway, since it requires an explicit setting in the configuration.h i don't see why block it either (considering it actually doesn't unpark the extruder, which surprised me)
  • Agreed.

    Just one trick with the clips which I also have.
    Homing order XYZ

    and additionally add y move back after homing to a value so clips do not get reached. 
  • ye my homing order is exacly that.

    anyway i'm implementing a new feature, (which i could swear there was already, but isn't O_o), that lifts Z on a tool change and moves it back down once it's done

    this way i wouldn't have to worry anymore about clips
  • We have select/deselect scripts where you could also add z lifts. But might also be nice for other extruders also we normally adjust z at right time, but exactly and a bit more durich change might be helpfull for some designs.
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