MeCreator 2 with GT2560 rev B port to repetier

Hey all, 
I have a Geetech MeCreator 2 printer that uses Marlin firmware. I'm trying to switch it over to repetier firmware since all my other printers use repetier. I'm more familiar repetier so when I need to make changes its easier for me. 

The MeCreator 2 supposedly uses an ultimaker board layout however not all the pin mappings are correct. My biggest issue at the moment is the Display shows all garbage. Here's some of the info:

Board: GT2560 rev B 

In the repetier config tool I used "Smartcontroller from RepRapDiscount on a RAMPS or RUMBA board" without success.
Then I tried changing #define UI_DISPLAY_CHARSET to different numbers-still no luck.

My next plan is to change the pin numbers but this may be the wrong road to go down. I believe is the pins used from the Marlin firmware are:
  //arduino pin witch triggers an piezzo beeper
    #define BEEPER 18

    #define LCD_PINS_RS 20
    #define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 17
    #define LCD_PINS_D4 16
    #define LCD_PINS_D5 21
    #define LCD_PINS_D6 5
    #define LCD_PINS_D7 36

    //buttons are directly attached
    #define BTN_EN1 42
    #define BTN_EN2 40
    #define BTN_ENC 19  //the click

    #define SDCARDDETECT 38
I'm still working on where to apply these changes to the repetier firmware... Is this a I2C display?
Any help with resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. 


  • We have 2 smartcontroller the GLCD is 128x64 pixel the other 20x4 chars.

    Assuming you use dev version you would change pins in DisplayList.h after finding the controller->board section. It is not I2C - if it is the graphic display it is a SPI (software spi actually).
  • Thanks repetier. It is the 20x4 controller. I'm still using the non-dev firmware 92.9 maybe? Should I just change the uiconfig.h here? 
    #define UI_LCD_WIDTH 128
    #define UI_LCD_HEIGHT 64
    #define UI_LCD_WIDTH 20
    #define UI_LCD_HEIGHT 4

    or change the display controller type altogether?

    Image result for me creator 2
  • Found the problem. Had to make the following change in ui.h under the #elif MOTHERBOARD == 37 // UltiMaker 1.5.7
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D7_PIN      6
    #define UI_DISPLAY_D7_PIN      36

    If someone else is doing this through the dev firmware I would assume they need to make this change in DisplayList.h according to repetier's previous post. 

    Now on to figuring out the other changes on this board. The extruder pins are different as well. 
  • @tonyallen28 did you ever get this working completely?

    I have just revived a MeCreator 2 and would like to get Repetier running as my other printer runs this and I have made a few enhancements that I would like on this printer too.

    I'd be interested in hearing your experience in switching the firmware.
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