Anet A8 running Repetier firmware - settings for Anet branded 3D Printer LCD12864 LCD?

The Anet A8 uses a 4x20LCD but I would like to use Anet's 12864 LCD instead.

I tried various FEATURE_CONTROLLER  settings (2 &11) but ran into compile problems. I know the Anet 12864 will work with the Anet printer board because the Anet A6 uses the 12864LCD and has the same printer board). However there are no reconfigured settings in the Repetier firmware  to suit.

Any suggestions for how to make this work?

Kindest regards 


  • First make sure it uses same chipset as 11 (2 is char display). There are seceral chipsets with 128x64 pixels.If it does you need to add a section id DisplayList.h (or ui.h on old firmware) with the pin numbers as connected. If it uses different chipset you need to use manual config or add a new controller with right chip settings and pins. uiconfig.h has many comments describing what is what.
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