Dual X homing bug

hi, i am using repetier firmware development with all the latest commits as of 19th of april 2017, however i encountered a bug with homing with a dual X axis machine (self designed dual x on a chinese i3)

when dual FEATURE_TWO_XSTEPPER is enabled the X_HOME_DIR switch is ignored, meaning extruder 0 always homes to MIN and extruder 1 always homes to MAX endstops, regardless of the X_HOME_DIR setting.

as you could have guessed, i'm trying to get my ext0 to home to MAX and ext1 to min :P

ps: thanks for the awesome work


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    forgot to mention it's a normal cartesian machine

    as i dig through the code i think these snippets of my configuration.h could be useful to pinpoint the issue:

    // Sets direction of endstops when homing; 1=MAX, -1=MIN
    #define X_HOME_DIR 1
    #define Y_HOME_DIR -1
    #define Z_HOME_DIR -1

    #define X2_STEP_PIN   42 
    #define X2_DIR_PIN    40
    #define X2_ENABLE_PIN 63

    /* Dual x axis mean having a printer with x motors and each controls one
    extruder position. In that case you can also have different resolutions for the
    2 motors. */
    #define DUAL_X_AXIS 1  //1 because 2nd motor moves ext1
    #define DUAL_X_RESOLUTION 0 //same resolution so 0
    #define X2AXIS_STEPS_PER_MM 100.08 //just in case
  • think i fixed it, it was really simple. gonna make a pull request tomorrow on github
  • Left extruder is extruder 0, yes. That is a implicit definition at the moment and you can simply swap motors in firmware to adjust to that.
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