PWM values


is there a possibility to get the PWM values assigned to a variable , not to a Pin?

have some external PWM Controllers running and want to shift the PWM stuff from for example heaters /fans  to the external PWM in order to get some Pins free for other functions


  • Actually there is a array for all pwm values : pwm_pos
    Every device has it's own index there all computed in repetier.h I think.
  • Ok, i´ll search about that , but what about the pin numbers? think they are needed to make the things work.
    can i assign all original pins to one number (so this pin will be not used for hardware)
    and use the value from array for updating my external pwm in custom events?
  • Not sure about pin numbers for all but might be needed. You can assign all the same unused pin if you like. That would normally cause garbage but since you do not use the pin it is okay. PWM will still have per device pin values.

    I would make a custom array with send values so on changes you update your extrernal pwm driver and copy value otherwise keep it and do nothing.
  • Ok,i will give it a try and see what happens,

    as the external PWM Controllers i work with are buyable breakout boards i´ll prepare a template

    for Custom Events.

    Will share that when finished

  • If you add a simple description to the files we can add them as examples in the sample events folder.
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