wrong speed x and y axes

the x and y axes moved much faster than I had indicated in Cura Engine. For example, in Cura Engine I set the print speed to 40mm. Although the printer prints about twice as fast...what could be the problem? Where you can edit Soroti move in configuration.h? I use the Repetier firmware 0.92.9


  • In repetier host/manual control tab,  make sure feedrate slider is set too 100
  • But i not using Repetier Host, im using Cura.
  • Im just update my firmware on Wanhao duplicator i3 (3d printer)
  • Also check generated gcode if it is really using your 40mm/s. You might have used a wrong profile for slicing.
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    In cura, everything is fine. Just because of this calculation of the time for printing is not correct. Printer so faster! Where can I change the migration speed in configuration.h?
  • What is a migration speed and why should that modify cura time estimate? I simply think cura does not take into account acceleration and deceleration which adds to print time.
  • Sorry about this! I translate this text. I mean movement speed. Not "migration". Repetier firmware very faster than wanhao i3 stock. 
    Where I can change the movement speed of the axes in the repetier firmware?

    So that the print timetable is calculated correctly by the slicer
  • These are different problems.
    1. In firmware there is a max. feedrate for x and y. If this is set higher you can move faster. No problem just make sure you do not loose steps, otherwise reduce max. speed.
    2. It moves with the speed you send in gcode. In host or server you can set speed for manual moves for example. If these were reduced before because original firmware had lower max. speeds set it might explain why you now see faster moves.
    3. Slicer print time calculations are always wrong. They neglect things like max. feedrate and acceleration/decelleration so they are always only a coarse guess. Depending on infill pattern and shape they come closer or not. Repetier-Server simulates such effects if configured correctly and can achieve quite good time approximations, but even there you get some uncertainty from heating up and different firmware implementations.
  • where i can change max speed in firmware?
  • Change max feedrate in eeprom for the directions needed.
  • where i can find optimize eeprom settings for wanhao duplicator i3? Maybe you have .epr config file?
  • No, we don't have that printer. But is just changing the value to a lower value. You can simple make some test move to see wht it can handle and the subtract safety margin as some bumps might cause extra force and then you loose steps when operating at the edge.
  • Thanks a lot! I try this instruction!
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