Another usage for Firmware ?

Hi @Repetier,

I'm currently developing an open hardware camera rig with 3 axes (Pan/Tilt/Slider) + 1 Follow focus + 1 Follow Zoom
That's means 5 steppers + 5 min_endstop
I'm currently using Configurable_Firmata, and everything is fine, except the bad steppers management (dirty moves, in short)
And I'd like to use Repetier and G-Code for more usability and development, the ability to easy use sd-card, serial port for wifi ou bluetooth, LCD, and so on...
I Spent 2 days on ALL the internet of this world (yes yes... or maybe almost) to find some answers, but...

So the true question is :

is it possible to run 5 steppers with an min_endstop for each one ? (XYZ E0 E1 ?)
If not by default, is it very complicated to 'hack' your firmware to achieve this goal ? Specialy if this 'hacker' is not a code writer (but can read and modify for testing...) ?

Thank you.

(note for clarity : because of this project countdown, I have to ask same question on others firmware forum)


  • No it is not possible right away since 3d printers only have 4 axis and extruders also have no endstops for homing.

    The solution to increase it to more axis is quite simple but needs modifications at many places (well everywhere where axis are used). You would add axis A/B/C and add minstop for them etc. But to find and understand where it is needed you will need some coding skills.
  • Ok, thank you very much for this clear answer.
    So it's not for now, but why not a fork next winter...

    Thanks a lot for all this opened work
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