wrong coordinates in the GUI

edited April 2017 in Bug Reports
I've experienced several times strange values of the coordinates in the Repetier Host:
My Repetier Host is connected to Repetier Server 0.80.3.


  • We do not read read coordiantes from firmware any more. Reason is that Marlin now reports them including G92 offset as it seems and that confuses the host. So now on homing it adjusts and from there on G0/1 commands set them so at some point they will sync. I will check if I can get coordinates from server on connect so start is also better.
  • Do not know if this is important, but I use your firmware, not Marlin.
  • Not so important since the anaysis is the same, so I needed to remove it to be compatible with all, also not necessary for repetier-firmware. Copying it from server should help here if server knows coordinates.
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