Home order in the controller.

I have made a printer:
* core-XY 
* requires the X-homing to be done after Y-homing

In the Arduino configuration there is a setting for the home order. Works fine. However, in the controller, activating "Home All" will always invoke the XYZ sequence.

Is it possible to correct this?  


  • You mean G28 or G28 X0 Y0 Z0 do work and in LCD selecting home has xyz order? Would be strange as both call the same homing routine. But maybe you mean a different place then I just checked?

    Calling Printer::homeAxis(true, true, true); should always use the same ordering set.
  • Thanks for your quick reply. Let me check Tuesday at the printer, because now I'm getting confused.

    At least I have seen the LCD command doing XYZ, while we set the configuration.h as YXZ: "#define HOMING_ORDER HOME_ORDER_YXZ"
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