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Dear all
I found some similar subjects but no of them really helped me...
On repetier host, the Output Extruder curve is always showing 0 even if 1 or 2 of my extruder are heating. Everything is find for the bed.
I can't found why, although the M105 response seem to be find but I can't found on the internet what is the good one.
Here is a screenshot of the situation: https://ibb.co/hQLg0k
Thanks for helping!


  • I put my post in "bug report" category but maybe is not... Sorry for that!
  • M105 response looks good. Not sure why you do not see output power in graph. Only thing is that M105 reports temperature is at room temperature so it doe snot seem to go up. Normally a wrong configuration of firmware to use the wrong heater pin so it does not heat, or you have not connected heater or powered printer with main power.
  • Hey!
    You are right about the room temp, I needed to deassembly my hotend because of some other troubles, so the termistor is not stuck to the heater. But is become hot when I ask for, so the pin is good.
    I have the same output problem with an other computer and an other printer. Could it be Repetier Host does'nt read the M105.
    You can't see it on the picture but the bed output is find.
  • M105 read is ok.

    If thermistor is not stuck to heater, how should it get hotter and show hot end temperature? That is dangerous and should trigger a decouple error after some time.
  • I just heat it for few seconde.
    Any way, the output extruder problem is still present when the hot end is assembled, even with an other printer on an other computer. Could it be the order of the info of the M105 response wich is not good?
    The problem appears with different version of marlin.
  • Order is ok in your screenshot. It also shows correct temperature of 24.9°C whcih is what M105 returns, so it shows what marlin has send. T0: is the current extruder temperature. SO if this matches image everyting is ok and onyou rscreenshot it did match. So probably your have set wrong inputs for sensors and showing wrong temperature? Not sure what part is going wrong here. From image as said parsing seems ok.
  • What do you mean by:?
    So probably your have set wrong inputs for sensors and showing wrong temperature?
    How can I change that in RH?
  • You can't, this is a firmware setting. Or you need to reconnect thermistors in right order on hardware.

    All you can do in host is heat one component and see whcih one gets reported hotter. Then you know which temp. sensor is connected with what you would need. If it is not clear if heaters are working/connected try heating by hand or a hair dryer and see what heats most.
  • I, just to inform you that the problem is solve with the last repetier update. (nice design btw!!)
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