Z probe on z-min with bltouch

 While i got it working fine, at least for using probe as an endstop and probing of the bed the question i have is related to starting a probe/auto-levling when it's homed to Z-min...  

currently, if say i do a G28 then Start the probing either g29,g32 etc....  it runs the probe start script right at Z=0, which causes an error with bltouch since it drops it first instead of going up first.  

I could put in the probe start to raise up 5-10mm first.  that would solve that, but it's also homing with the probe and raising up with XYTZ.  

if i add it to move up in the probe start, and remove the move up when homing Z, would that cause any issues with auto-leveling and homing with the probe (eg Z !=0?)   Maybe i am missing something and it's suppose to move up on probe start but no idea how others have this setup. 


  • I could not follow fully. After G28 you do not need to relevel always. If you do make sure you are high enough and and a xy position where activating z probe is possible. Dev version has here some improvements and additional tests so it should work better.
  • @digibluh, I have a similar issue to you and using the dev branch.  While I still need to test, I think we need to use the z up, xy, z preheat homing sequence.  atm I have zup set to 15mm which should be enough room for the probe.  I'll post more once I confirm

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