New e3d equipment not working

I have done quite a big upgrade to my 3d printer I have removed my old Persia i3 extruder and hot end and replaced it with a dual extruder and hot end from e3d

I bought and fitted the following
but after pluging everyting in i get no power going to the heater pins when i try to turn the hot ends on and the i cant get the extruders to move

im getting this error
Other:: temp sensor defect marked defect
Other:: temp sensor defect marked defect
heated bed: working

I also can not turn on the heated bed with the software all I can seem to do is move all axis manually and I can use G29 for self-leveling.
apart from that that's all I can seem to do 

I put 24v down the hot ends to test them and they work and a temp gets reported on the screen but when I wire them into the correct terminals no power is coming to the wires when testing with a multimeter.

My config file is here as you can see i have tried various settings on each extruder but nothing seems to work.

my printer is a hictop Persia i3 with a 24V system and a MPX.3 controller board


  • Your 2 extruders are returning a bad temperature which makes firmware disable extruders and heater system.

    This can result from wrong temp. table or wrong analog pin. Also note that if you have thermocouples you can not use the analog inputs for thermistors!
  • so how can this be fixed?
    as i said i have only changed the extruders and hot ends i have also bought a new 3d printer board just in case 
    but its a different make not sure if it's better 
    its a sainsmart THC_RAMPS _3D V1

  • From your description I assume you have switched from single to dual extruder setup, so you must have a new pin/thermistor combination you have to add so potential to do something wrong:-)

    You woudl configure it in our online config tool if possible, but since I do not know what you have connected how you have to check it. Also check log directly after reset to get some more informations on which extruder is defect or check in lcd where you should see the def marker on the extruder in question. Or check returned temperature in host and see whcih is wrong.
  • yes, everything has been changed apart from the x-axis y-axis and heated bed.
    but honestly, I have not a clue what settings to make, to make this right

    dont know weatehr i should be on here or calling e3d to help me 

  • Just saw you have MPX3 board. Did you use dev version and select that board or RAMPS? It is not ramps compatible to 100% and heater differs, but new dev version now knows the new heater pin numbers. Also this has nothing to do with marking them defect. Defect means temperature is out of range so you have no thermistor connected or not to to thermistor pins on board resp. pins selected in config tool. SO compare what pins you have set in firmware configuration and see if it is connected there.
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