SD Card Instructions

I've tried various search on the host site and this forum site, but can not find anything that describes the SD card. I am sure I saw something once, but can not find it again.

Anyhow, the questions are:
What size SDcard (is the maximum)?
Filesystem FAT16(?), which block size (this limits the size of the card)

I have been in the menus about uploading a file but the printer starts "dry-run" printing instead. Is this expected?
Any name conventions required for the files on SD card?
Is there an "autoprint" on powerup if the file is of particular name?

(I suspect I have a bad card or too large - I have never seen any filenames on the SDcar-tab no matter how I format, transfer files or mount cards. On my printer the controller and SDcard slot are inside the printer, ie the SDcard remains fixed. I want to be able to remove the USB connection once it has started printing from the SDcard... or something like that)


  • It can handle bigger cards as well. Up to VFAT32. Names should be shorter then 26 chars including extension and dot.

    A file named init.g will be executed on startup/insertion if carddetect works.

    Dry run is because host is set to dry run in debug settings or firmware detected a problem. See log output on connect to see what the problem is.
  • Hi,

    no error output at all.

    Rummaged around in the code, and the pins.h file for the megatronics 3.0, which is what I have, says
    #define SDSUPPORT false

    Ah ha! Changed that to true, and now all that part works.

  • Just chect pins.h in 0.92.2 and it says

    #define BEEPER_PIN 61 // Beeper on AUX-4
    #define SDSUPPORT true // sd card reader on board

    So i guess you are using the 0.91?

    Anyhow, glad it is now working.
  • This is the "special"(?) 91.something for Spiderbot - it includes some changes not in the .91 on the download page.

    There are a few additional minor inconsitencies/flaws/(errors?) in the pins.h and the way the configuration.h uses it, but I am unsure how special my verison is, but i suspect it is a snapshot of somewhere between the .91 and .92 available as download. (my filecomparison tool lights up red on most files between .91, my version and .92)

    I'll note these when I have a complete understanding of them.

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