Display info over serial

I have looked at the guides on how to set up displays and keyboards as well as reading through the forum and the documentation in the firmware itself but I haven't seen anything on using simple serial command to communicate with a display. Is there anyway to set up the firmware so that it uses a regular serial connection to pass data to and from a connected device?


  • No, firmware handles display on it's own. The only exception might be M117 which changes status text to be displayed. But serial is meant to communicate only with firmware not with display.
  • Thank you for the information. I read through the documents I could find and what I thought was the relevant code and didn't see any hint to the possibility but thought I would ask before just assuming I was correct.
    I am working on creating a graphical touch interface with a Nextion display and have been writing a lot of (probably messy) arduino code to interface it over serial using g code. It suddenly occurred to me to double check if repetier firmware might have the ability before I spent any more time on it.
    When (or if) I get it done I will post it on the forum.
  • The new dev version can handle 2 separate serial channels. That way you could communicate to one port with display and main port with a host software. Only in case this would be of any help.
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