How to save settings to eeprom

Please could somebody help me to save my printer settings to eeprom.  I have home made printer with radds board. Everything worked fine until I tried to set up the lcd display.  I think I enabled eeprom and then uploaded firmware. 
When the printer is connected to my laptop I can control the machine through the display and knob. I have tried to save the settings with M502, M500 and M500, and also through the repetier config dialog but every time I reboot the machine the settings are lost and I just get 2 blue bars on the display. Also when I send M500 I get an endless stream of 'N36 M105*18   N36 M105*19    N36 M105*20   N36 M105*21 ect.


  • The M105 comes from host temperature answers, these are always there so ignore that.

    LCD is independent of eeprom values at least meaning that you see it. Some Arduino Due clones have a bug that they do not start properly first time they get power and only after a reset you see everything. But if you connect with host it with programming port it will reset (not on native port). 

    M502 / M500 overwrite eeprom with config values. So that deletes your old settings. So what do you get when you say lost?
  • Thanks for reply.
    When I reboot the machine after M502/M500  the display shows nothing.
  • As already said it should show start screen and status screen. That does not depend on eeprom. What you describe seems like a hang. Also what is reboot for you? Is it hitting reset button which should not reset lcd so it would never show the 2 bars whcih you only see when fresh powered up and nothing starts. And that can happen with some Arduino Due boards as I said, but also should disappear if you hit reset button.
  • Excuse me Mr Repetier
    That's done it
    You are awesome
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