AIO Repetier install. Firmware upload ok, nothing works.


I am about as new to 3d printing as it is possible to be.  I'm a developer though so hopefully I can pick up things quickly.

I have successfully uploaded the Repetier firmware to my AIO.  Well, not that successfully.  Nothing works on the printer.  When I try to load or unload filament, the extruder doesn't heat up.  I am unable to move the extruder or bed on any axis.

I only changed two lines in Configuration.h:

#define DAVINCI 4
#define MODEL  1

How much have I forgotten to do?  Is anybody able to help me get my AIO printer working on Repetier?  I'd be very happy to offer a BTC bounty to anybody who is able to spend some time with me to talk me through what I am doing wrong.

Many thanks


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