MKS GEN V 1.4 with LCD 20x4 and 5 ADC button keypad

I used to run Repetier on my ZRIB board of my Zonestar P802QR printer.
At least till i burned my board.
I bought a MKS GEN v 1.4 board and tried to get repetier up and running.
It seemes that the firmware works except for the LCD 20x4 with 5 ADC button keyboard.
Anybody that has experience with this issue.
I saw information about the same display with repetier on a melzi board but could not get it running (I did change it to ramps 1.4 board).

I also get compilation errors if i select the FAN 2 pin as the extruder cooler pin, if i set it to no pin assigned it compiles fine.
Can somebody explain this?
I know you probably need more information but at the moment i donot know what to attach.
Thanks for any help!

Fred Zuidema


  • Your board configuration has no named pin FAN 2 - use the digital pin number of that output instead, that works always if get the right one.

    As for the display, I guess it has no pin setting defined in ui.h/DisplayList.h for that display/board combination. Have a look there if you see a section for board 33 = RAMPS. If not ad done and set pin numbers like you used them.
  • Thanks for the reply, i will change the fan2 and have a look in ui.h/DisplayList.h.
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