proper process of bed leveling

according to the documentation on the repetier website the procedure to do bed leveling is to first test the probe using g30 and then give a g29 to test 3 points .

I attached my inductive probe, then changed my z endstop to zmax, then tested the probe using m119, then with g31,

After seeing all is working i gave it a g30 at a random point.. it worked wonderfully , after that i gave it a g28 xyz 0 and then a g29,, the head slamed into the x end stop then into the y end stop and then did a 3 point check as it should do.. I thought something was wrong with the 3 points in the config file so, it changed them, reloaded the firmware , cleared the epprom and tried again, Again i got the same behaviour, now it is even stranger, the head first homes to z min using the probe then slams to x and y end stops, then goes to first test point lowers the the z by 3 mm and checks again, then lowers 3 mm goes to the next point checks again and finally it goes to the 3rd point and slams the bed agaist the probe and tries going higher than the z min although the probe is triggered, I tried reloaded the firmware 3-4 times, erased the epprom using m502 and m500, but this strange behaviour continues. I am not confident of using a g32 after this strange behaviour. I am using 0.92.9 version downloaded yesterday.

is this version bug free or should i try some other version



  • Z-Probing is continusly improving and you should definitely upgrade to dev version with it.

    The beginning sounds like a homing procedure ZXY preheat Z but the rest might be neglecting the z probe xy offset. When probing the probe becomes position of extruder which can lead to hitting boundary if you neglected the probe offset. You should see this with G30 as it activates = does offset, measures and then goes back into position.

    BTW: No need to reupload all the time for testing. Just change eeprom values for positions and offsets. They were added to not require uploading every time you want a value changed.
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    i got the dev version and got g32 s2 to work like a charm and g30 and g29 also work.. i leveled my bed using grid leveling and did a print asnd it printed fine.. My other issue is that i am using bed leveling because my bed has a slight bend in the middle which has become worse dues to the continuous heat and cooling cycles it had gone though in the last 1 year. The bed measures 245 x 190 mm and the center and edges have a difference of 0.1 mm . Is it possible to correct it using bed leveling?

    Next i will try g33. i think that is what it is for.

    also i have a strange error after g32 s2 .. with z offset 0 it works fine but when i put z probe offset as 0.1-0.3 the probe does its job and then the printer gives a error and halts  . ( it is the same error that occurs if a probe doesn't complete measurements within a certain range  )
  • Bed leveling assumes plane bed. G33 is for fixing warped beds, but has it's own set of regions to test and correct!

    Make sure z bed distance is some mm so probe always untriggers when up. This is the main error for probing failures or starting to low with probing.
  • okay i tried out g33 but it didnt seem to help me get the bed completely level, i will try with more points.. but now there is another strange thing going on. m502 is supposed to load factory defaults and m500 saves them.. But in my case no matter how many times i try reburning the firmware with a different z probe offset , and then doing m502 and m500 , the firmware still tends to remember the last value...

    I even disable z leveling and z distortion in the firmware and reloaded . this time the z height is stuck at some initial value.. the only way i could set the zmax was in the lcd menu by homing the zmax  and then moving toward the nozzle and finding z min and saving that value.

    does repetier handle the eeprom values differently... i cant find any documentation for this. also how do you set the z probe offst in the eeprom? what is the g code for it? also what gcode sets z max ? is there some place all this is documented?

    thanks again for you patience

  • You can set all eeprom values with a eeprom editor in repetier-host or server. It shows all values for you to change. Internally these use M205 and M206 for this as described in our documentation.

    Regarding offset I think there is a difference between steps and mm in config tool. Config tool then converts it to steps using the set steps per mm in configuration.

    G33 start correcting at Z=0 and correction quickly goes to 0 accoring to your profile defined. Default is at 1mm to have no correction. Consider this when testing!
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