Connecting Repetier-Host to Repetier-Firmware resets the printer


is this expected?

Sometimes I would like to connect with Repetier-Host while running a print.
Right now it is not possible for me. The printer with Repetier-Firmware resets on connect.

Thanks for help.


  • That is intended. This increases the chance to successfull connect and starts with a known printer state. Some printers do not reset on DTR toggle, e.g. Arduino Due on native port.

    If you always connect with repetier-server you can always connect with host without reset, since server does real connection has done that already.
  • Ok. A DTR toggle resets on the hardware side. I got a Ramps-Clone from Anycubic (Trigorilla).
    Is there any way to "fix" this?

    Using Repetier-Server does not help, because there is no computer running all the time and Repetier-Server needs to connect on start also.
  • I don't think so. Fixing it on hardware side makes uploading impossible so not adviced and in host/server you can not disable it.
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