Correct settings for CoreXY

On the online configurator there are 2 options for CoreXY. Can you explain the differences between these two please and suggest which one to use for a standard layout with the motors mounted with the coil sections below the belt paths.  Also do I calculate the steps per mm in the same way as for a std Cartesian Printer? I am planning on using 20 tooth gears with a MXL Belt may also use 1/32 micro stepping (Especially on the Z axis as I am using TR10x2 Leadscrews with a 2mm pitch.




  • The steps per mm are 2x what you would compute from tooth/steps distance.

    The difference is in the used formula. One is X+Y where the other uses X-Y for one direction. Just test which one moves correct for you. Also remember to set STEP_HIGH_DELAY to 1 or higher depending on stepper driver or you will loose steps.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Is there any news on implementing the Duet boards yet? It would be the ideal solution for me as I am planning a machine using a E3D Kraken 4 head hotend (May only use 2 or 3 initially)

  • No, missing time and board prevent duet adoption, unless someone else adds the missing parts.
  • If I was to buy a Board and send it to you on loan could you do it and then send the board back to me?
  • Or even tell me what to do to generate the necessary bits (assume from previous reading that it is the pins definition that is the problem.

  • Duet is not 100% due compatible. It uses pins not defined in due and the sd card uses parallel mode not spi mode, which is the only mode supported in repetier. Also there is no ethernet support in repetier. 

    So with a patched due variant you can use it with new pin definition if you don't use sd card and ethernet I guess. In reprap forum->Repetier  is a discussion with the developer where he shows the missing parts if you are interested.
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