VIKI2 on Mks Base v1.4, encoder oddity

So, I've gone through and fixed all the pin assignments for the MKS working with this screen, but for some reason, the encoder doesn't work in menus. On the default screen, what I would call the status screen, I can turn the encoder and it goes to the time and distance display, but wont go back to the status screen. When I click the encoder to go to the menu, turning the encoder does NOTHING. Any ideas? 


  • Encoder has 2 phases A and B and the changing of the pattern makes the move. Sounds like only one of them is working so only first click makes a change and then you are stuck. So you either have a defect of cable for second phase is not on the pin number you set it to.
  • Seems like I had buzzer and EncA assigned to the same pin. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
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