Determining Z probe offset x & y

I am unconvinced that I understand the correct manner to determine z probe offset x, and z probe offset y. I've seen multiple write-ups that seem to use entirely different coordinate origins, and the diagram in the Repetier Z Probe write-up shows the xy origin point centered between two extruders. I have a simple one extruder configuration, with an inductive probe mounted to the front and left of the extruder. My assumption had been that I merely needed to measure like this:

   . - - - - E

Looking from above front, with E being extruder and P being center of Z probe. So, if we assume each dash or vertical bar is actually 1mm, the offset values would be:

z probe offset x: -4
z probe offset y: -3

That is, the total unsigned offset from the extruder to probe is 7.

Is this correct for Repetier? Or? ... Thanks!


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