tilting with servo

I use a tilting dual extruder with a servo motor.

When the printer start, the hotend support is positioned at the parking :
#define SERVO0_NEUTRAL_POS 1450

I used these commands for T0 and T1 :
#define EXT0_SELECT_COMMANDS "M340 P0 S1540"
#define EXT1_SELECT_COMMANDS "M340 P0 S1340"

If printing starts
- with T1, the head is positioned correctly.
- with T0, the head does not move.
I have to put T1 just before T0 so that the head is put in place.

It's normal ?


  • You can put EXT0_SELECT_COMMANDS "M340 P0 S1540 in the start g-code to ensure it is run at startup. These commands seem to be run only when a extruder is selected but that is not the case at startup since extruder 0 is already active.

    Also note that you have no wait afterwards and no disable of servo after a time. First could lead to starting print before servo is in position. Latter will keep servo on all the time. That could cause jitter effects depending on how your system works. Problem with servo disable is that you need power at startup to move servo in any case. Most boards can be configured to only work from main power and not from usb, which is what you need here.
  • Ok,
    I understood the problem of the servo

    I will change my gcode at startup to avoid jitter.
    Thank for the explanations

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