Smart Controller with RAMPS 1.4 not working

Good day,
I recently bought a Smart Controller from BigTree-Tech and wanted to test it with my RAMPS 1.4. I downloaded a copy of the Repetier firmware and used the Webtool configuration to connect the LCD. After downloading to the Arduino, the LCD comes up, but it is illegible. A lot of characters appear in the screen in a sort of layout. I habilitated the beep sound for any click to know if the LCD was working. It does react to input, but every 20 seconds the LCD makes a rather long beep (2 seconds). 
I configured the configuration.h to show only english, and the FEATURE_CONTROLLER is set to 2 (CONTROLLER_SMARTRAMPS = Smartcontroller from reprapdiscount on a RAMPS or RUMBA board).

I already flipped the ribbon cables and even changed Exp1 and Exp 2 from it's slots, but the LCD works the "best" in only one way. 
Is there anything I can do?

I checked if the LCD was malfunctioning while at work. I hooked it up to a Rostock and it worked right away, so even it is the adapter, or something I'm missing in the firmware.

Can anybody help me please???
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