XY Movement after limit switches

This is probably something simple, but I'm pretty hungup on it.

I have an azteeg x3 pro, and I've been working on the firmware for a while, actually upgrading from an azteeg x3. 

At some point something changed and I cannot figure out what.

When I home x and y the axis will move until the switch, trigger the endstop, and then move some 20 and 80mm respectively away from the endstop, and then the repetier host will call this position x0,y0.

This has caused a handful of crashes because my soft limits now are beyond the limits of the printer.
This did not used to be an issue, and I cant find what I may have changed. 

any ideas?


  • Sounds like "Endstop distance after homing" in config tool was set to these values. At least that would make this.
  • that's the thing, I never changed those values when the issue showed up, and I did do a test to see if this was the case, I se them to zero, and 20mm, and the function works as expected.

    I did not however alter these values in the config.h file itself, but with the repetier firmware generator.
  • I did find this in the confg.h file 

    #define ENDSTOP_X_BACK_MOVE 5
    #define ENDSTOP_Y_BACK_MOVE 5
    #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_MOVE 2

    I dont know if this would cause the issue though.
  • You also could have dual extruder, then it willhome such that you can still activate second extruder without hitting endstop, so for extruder 0 it would move to the right. For y it normally does not do it as that offset is normally 0, but you should check in eeprom if it is not.
  • wow that fixed it!

    I did notice though, I am using the x3 pro, and as far as the online confgurator is concerned, it only allows me to configure up to 4 heater pins, when in fact the board has up to 8 heater terminals.
    Is this something I could expect to be updated?

    (one note, calling extruder 0 makes it REALLY confusing, when the repetier host software refers to the first extruder as 1, and the heater pins skip a count for the heated bed sometimes in the configurator, but then doesnt in other places)

  • Ok, for dev version I added 4 and 5 so all heaters are now by name present. I guess 7 and 8 are the fans as these use also mosfet outputs different from the heaters.
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