Pause did not pause


it tried to pause a print via @pause code. But it did not pause.

Code snipped:
G0 F6000 X-0.695 Y12.949
G1 F2400 X-2.118 Y14.372 E183.63761
;@pause SCHEIBE
G0 F6000 X-2.148 Y14.491 Z2.200
G1 F2400 X-2.663 Y14.405 E183.65497
G1 X-3.657 Y14.185 E183.68883
G1 X-4.632 Y13.897 E183.72265

I tried:
Everything did not work.

The only thing I get is an invalid g-code warning when at the specific layer change.



  • Resolved. I do not know, what I did wrong.
  • I ran into the same problem a few times and the correct format is lowercase but I think if you do it wrong it stops working for a while. @pause (optional text) No ";" in front of it as that makes it a comment.
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