Bed leveling


We have successfully been able to run bed leveling commands on our 3D printer by following the instructions on:

Our 3D printer is a Delta printer. Firmware is v0.92.

Steps we have taken:
0) End stop calibration

1) Commands :
- G32 S2
- G33

2) We have then scanned the bed and obtained the HEIGHT MAP. The results are very good (0.05 mm max difference).

3) We have then executed some code but the nozzle goes into the bed! If the matrix is cleared then we get the printer to print at the normal height but have no correction...

We have noticed that G32 and Height map algorithms start at different points. Is that normal? Maybe this indicates what the problem could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It seems that the correction is rotated a certain number of degrees.



  • G33 has it's own set of coordinates and is independent of G32 settinsg so that is not the problem.
  • drcdrc
    edited March 2017

    Thanks for replying. If that is not the problem, what could be causing the issue? We have the same angle coordinates as the Repetier default values for A B C towers. Why is the height map showing good values but then the printer touches the bed on one side as if the bed was tilted?
  • Maybe it is one of the G33 bgs we solved with dev version. Try upgrading to dev and see if it gets better. Don't forget to reduce line subdivisions to 20 to have enough free ram!
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